Patient Transformation Through Invisalign Treatment

Actual Patient Transformation- Josie

Josie, a wonderful teenager patient, went through Invisalign and now has a completely different smile!

Her before and after speak for themselves.

Thank you Josie for trusting us in creating a beautiful smile!

Dental Cleaning Rancho Cucamonga

Dental Cleanings with Reki

Our hygienist, Reki, is always precise when it comes to her patient's teeth.

Here she is working with a patient making sure they are getting the deep thorough cleaning!

Smile Makeover Through Dental Crown and Cleaning

Patient Transformation- Taylor J.

Taylor already came to us with a beautiful smile and a beautiful personality!

But with such a busy schedule sometimes we tend to neglect our dental health, which is why we, Choice Family Dentistry, are here for!

Taylor had some maintenance done (crowns and cleanings) and now can smile pain-free and bigger than ever!

Dental Braces Rancho Cucamonga

Actual Patient Transformation - Cerr

Mr. Cerr J is currently doing ortho and has braces on. He is doing perfectly and is running through this procedure swiftly!

His smile is almost completely straight and soon will have beautiful pearly white teeth to show off!

Dental Veneers Rancho Cucamonga

Actual Patient Testimonial - Mary

Mary is our remarkable hygienist! Look at how white and beautiful her smile is.

Mary currently has veneers on and you wouldn't even notice it!

Veneers are perfect for that white Hollywood smile!

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