How To Control Sleep Apnea?
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A patient with sleep apnea experiences prolonged periods during which their breathing stops. Men are disproportionately afflicted, while people of all ages are affected. The most evident symptom of sleep apnea is repeated breathing pauses. If you do nothing, your body’s oxygen supply will be disrupted, leading to major medical issues. To help you with this issue, our dentists at Choice Family Dentistry have developed a few solutions.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Let’s examine sleep apnea before moving on to the solutions. A medical disease called sleep apnea frequently interrupts breathing while a person is sleeping, reducing oxygen flow. Sleep apnea can be categorized into three groups, as shown below.

  • Obstructive snoring (OSA)
  • Central Sleep Apnea
  • Mixed Sleep Apnea

If your Rancho Cucamonga dentist does not handle this issue correctly, it could result in cardiac arrests, excessive blood pressure, and even death.

Tips To Manage Your Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea may be pretty dangerous and result in several health issues if it is not treated. Most people don’t even realize they have a problem and think their sleeping patterns are standard. Sleep apnea symptoms can be addressed with advice from your dentist in Rancho Cucamonga.

Alter Your Sleeping Position

Switching up your sleeping posture may enhance your sleep and general health. According to a study, lying on your back when resting, often known as the supine position, can worsen symptoms. You may take back control of your breathing by sleeping on your side. Consult your Rancho Cucamonga dentist about your sleeping position so that you can handle your problems effectively.

Stay Away From Tobacco & Alcohol

Significant adjustments in your way of life can enhance your sleep and promote good health. To avoid developing sleep apnea, give up smoking and consume less alcohol. Usually, drinking alcohol causes the muscles in your throat to relax. Snoring and disrupted sleep patterns could result from this. Additionally, it could irritate the airways, which makes breathing more challenging. Alcohol and tobacco use can contribute to edema and inflammation in the lungs’ tissues. This can make your current health issue worse if you already have one.

Use Special Devices

Sleep apnea symptoms can be managed and treated with the aid of dental appliances that straighten your jaw or tongue. As a result, when you’re sleeping, your airway is unhindered. You might be able to remove the obstruction from your throat with the aid of mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilizing devices. Speak with your dentist in Rancho Cucamonga to determine if they are appropriate for you. They are advantageous and might make you feel better.

Keep Your Weight In Control

Dentists frequently counsel patients with sleep apnea to lose weight. Being overweight makes you more likely to experience nasal obstruction and congested airways. These may temporarily or permanently impair the ability to breathe and sleep. You can keep your weight in check to prevent getting sick. Maintaining a healthy weight may help keep your airways open and lessen sleep apnea symptoms. It might even be able to find a solution. Call our dental office for more details on how to treat your sleep apnea.

We hope this information helps you make better dental health decisions. Book an appointment with us at Choice Family Dentistry for the best sleep apnea treatments in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.