4 Missing Teeth Problems That Can Affect You Severely
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Missing a tooth is a nightmare for anyone. It affects the way you interact with those around you. Having a missing tooth is normal for older people. If lost at a young age, they can cause health and confidence issues.

4 Missing Teeth Problems That Can Affect You Severely

Missing teeth have countless problems. Some are not as serious as others. The missing teeth problems that can affect you severely are:

Adjacent Teeth Dumping

The neighboring teeth tend to shift to the side of the missing tooth over time. This is known as tooth dumping. It happens due to routine functions of the mouth. The absence of a tooth also results in over-eruption of the adjacent teeth. These changes cause long-term health complications around the missing tooth.

Deterioration Of Bones & Changes In Face Contour

Missing teeth can cause bone loss around the jaw. This is because the gum loses support from the teeth. The tooth also provides support to your lips and cheeks. A missing tooth causes cheeks to droop and sunken. This makes you look older with premature wrinkles. Tooth loss can even change the shape of your nose in some extreme cases.

Problems In Speaking & Eating

Having speech problems due to missing teeth decreases your self-confidence. You tend to slur your words or become difficult to understand. Speech is more affected if the front teeth are missing. 

Missing teeth cause chewing difficulties too. It can cause problems in digesting food as digestion starts in the oral cavity. This leads to poor appetite, which is harmful to health.

Decreased Self-Confidence

People are naturally self-aware. Missing teeth makes you hesitant to take part in social situations. It is common to feel self-conscious and embarrassed during such occasions. Many people tend to cover their mouths while smiling. Missing teeth are also connected with depression and anxiety

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a good oral health routine is the best way to avoid tooth loss. Missing teeth do not only affect your looks but have negative effects on your self-esteem and well-being too. 

What Options Are There To Replace Missing Teeth?

The most popular ways to replace missing teeth are dentures, bridges, and dental implants. They look and function like natural teeth. Dentures and bridges can be removable and permanent. Dental implants are more of a permanent option. They are easy to maintain and last for 15 years.

Is The Missing Teeth Replacement Procedure Expensive?

The cost of missing teeth replacement procedures depends on many factors, like

  • Number of teeth needing replacement
  • Type of replacement procedure
  • Area of the dentist
  • Experience of the dentist, etc.

Can The Replacement Process Prevent Tooth Decay?

Before the surgery, the dentist checks and cleans your whole mouth. If any problem is found, the dentist will mention it to you before fixing it. If tooth loss has occurred due to decay or abscess, the dentist will cure the decay before giving an implant.