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Dental Implants in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dental implants, by design, are made to be a replica of your natural teeth. These implants are permanently attached to your jawbone securely, to ensure that they don’t fall, loosen, or slip over time. This is why implants are the most preferred dental products when it comes to restoration dentistry. Despite being small, implants are those permanent posts that bind to your jawbone like the roots of your original teeth as well as offer a solid foundation for attaching replacement teeth to them. The durable nature and aesthetic appeal of dental implants make them very popular among the patients.

Durable, Reliable, and Perfect Smile Restoration Option

Dental implants offer more benefits than looking good and helping you chew food. Implants replicate the way your natural teeth look and work and keep your jawbone and gums safe, which helps in maintaining the surrounding teeth intact. Dental implants are strong, comfortable, and stable so that they can withstand the daily wear and tear that teeth go through daily. When compared to removable bridges or dentures, implants have more benefits because they don’t need to be removed and require adhesives for maintenance for securing them. Implants can last several years, even a lifetime. They permanently make a big difference in the quality of your life. You can opt for a dental implant for a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Durable Dental Implants in Rancho Cucamonga
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Why do you need to fix your missing teeth?

Our teeth are the protective barrier that helps in the prevention of bone loss from the jaw. Missing teeth starts the slow deterioration of our jawbone over time, which causes pain and discomfort. It also makes you more susceptible to tooth decay, gum diseases, and several oral infections.

Tooth loss can also give rise to other dental problems. You might have difficulty in chewing, which can cause poor digestion. Once your jaw pain intensifies, you might be unable to eat certain foods like protein-rich meats and fibrous vegetables. Thus impacting your overall health as you would not be consuming the necessary nutrients.

Additionally, a missing tooth in the front can make you feel self-conscious. Individuals with a gaping hole in the center of their teeth rarely smile confidently.

Therefore, dental implants are the solution to all your problems arising due to missing teeth.

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