How to choose an emergency dentist?

We may often face some dental issues we cannot manage independently. The dental issues may vary from person to person. Some of the most common dental issues include broken teeth, swollen gums, lost crowns, broken dentures and the infected tooth, to name a few. These situations are known as dental emergencies, and delaying the treatment by not consulting an emergency dentist in Rancho Cucamonga may put dental health at risk of developing into more severe complications. An emergency dentist is the right dental professional with expertise in providing proper treatment and immediate pain relief on time. 

Where to look for the best emergency dentist?

Emergency dentists can provide the best dental care if you need immediate help. Since many dental offices provide emergency dentistry nearby, you will have to do adequate research in choosing the right emergency dentist when a dental emergency impacts you. It is not something that you should be thinking about when in pain. Instead, you should know well in advance about whom to consult in case of an unexpected dental emergency. Let’s look at a few tips you should keep in mind when choosing an emergency dentist in Rancho Cucamonga.


  • Please begin your search by asking for recommendations from your friends, relatives and colleagues who might have consulted an emergency dentist at some point in their lives. Please inquire about the experience they had with the emergency dentist. Whether the dental professional was able to address their concerns and provide pain relief? Was the emergency dentist friendly and understanding? How was the staff? Did they take proper care and give proper assistance when the person reached the dental office in pain? Ask these questions, and you will get an idea about how successful the dental visit was. 
  • Secondly, you can ask your family dentist Rancho Cucamonga about which emergency dentist they would recommend if you are facing a dental emergency
  • Gone are the days when people searched for the best emergency dentist in yellow pages and directories. You can do proper research online to know the top dental offices providing top-notch emergency dentistry services. It helps you to avoid going long distances to get immediate dental treatment. You should always prefer the best emergency dentist nearby to get the treatment without delay. Choose the Rancho Cucamonga dentist from the comfort of your home itself.
  • You can search the website or call the emergency dental office to know whether they offer services round the clock and during weekends and weekdays. An emergency dentist will be available even during holidays to cater to unexpected dental emergencies people may have to go through.  

Once you have shortlisted the best emergency dentists near you, call their dental office to know more about their services. Some dental emergencies may require procedures to be performed within the dental office. A good dental office will provide comprehensive services instead of patients visiting multiple dental offices for treatment. 

You should also check whether the emergency dentist in Rancho Cucamonga has proper licenses and certifications for performing the dental procedure. You should always keep the emergency dentist’s number handy to call them to schedule a visit at times of dental emergencies. 


What Constitutes A Dental Emergency?

When you are having a dental problem, surely your first call would be to your dentist. But if you deal with severe oral problems like bleeding or infections which can be life-threatening, then you are in need for an Emergency Dentist. Well, how can you consider whether your aches or pains are either normal, or a real toothache? Those seem small problems but can immediately turn into a greater oral trouble. Toothaches may come in shapes, sizes, and various degrees of pain. Proper diagnosis from expertise is the safest way to get quick toothache relief, and temporarily prevent you from getting into big issues. Here are some of the situations that you should consider a Dental Emergency.

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

1. Loose Tooth

If your teeth are starting to feel loose, there are little things that could be happening. It might indicate a tooth injury. This can be really painful for patients. Another sign can be localized infection. To understand what infection is occurring, visit your Emergency Dentist at Choice Family Dentistry in Rancho Cucamonga, CA  for your help. 

2.  Severe Toothache 

The severity of your toothache indicates that it’s time to get immediate relief. You should immediately visit your dentist, as there are numerous reasons behind a toothache. Hence, proper diagnosis is essential for toothache relief that lasts.

3.  Bleeding Gums

If you see gums bleeding while you floss, that isn’t ‘normal’. It can reveal signs of gum infection or gingivitis. However, if the bleeding is extreme, repeated, and results in gum ache – then you ought to pay extra attention to it. Moreover, if your gums swell or ache, your dentist will need to analyze what’s really going on.

4.  Swollen Jaw

Swelling of the jaw indicates a major sign of infection, one of which is salivary gland infection. If you are undergoing a swollen jaw, along with bad taste in your mouth, trouble in breathing or swallowing, and fever, then you should look for Dentist immediately. 

5. Abscessed Tooth

A dental abscess is a pocket of pus in the tooth resulting in an infection that could spread to other surrounding tissues. This may cause fever, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, a constant toothache, swelling in the face, and a pimple-like bump on your gums near the infected tooth. Emergency help is a must here!

6. Cracked or Fractured Teeth

This usually suggests that damage has happened to the inside of the tooth and also to the outside. Serious fractures are so excruciating that the tooth cannot be saved. Contact your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment!

7. Mouth Tastes Like Metal

This actually signifies that one of the old fillings in your mouth has cracked or loosened. Seeking for emergency dental care in this situation is advisable, as an open filling could highly lead to further infections and cavities or worse and may even require a root canal therapy.

Avoiding Emergencies!

Take proper care of your teeth and gums daily and have regular check-ups. With proper dental care also visit the dentist on time to avoid any kind of dental emergency. A customized treatment plan can be drafted to address any problems before they turn into an emergency.